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Bead Kollection

6MM Bracelets

6MM Bracelets

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Introducing our exquisite collection of natural gemstone bracelets, featuring the stunning Dalmatian Jasper, which is a unique and eye-catching piece featuring a beautiful blend of black and white spots that resemble the coat of a Dalmatian. Unakite, a gorgeous combination of green and pink hues, is known for its ability to promote emotional healing and balance. Pink Shell is a delicate and feminine piece featuring soft pink hues that evoke feelings of love and compassion. Blue aventurine is a stunning piece that features a beautiful blue hue and is known for its ability to promote inner peace and tranquility. This stone is believed to help release stress and anxiety. Green Shell is a beautiful and vibrant piece, featuring a stunning green hue that symbolizes growth and renewal. This stone is believed to promote healing and rejuvenation, making it an ideal accessory for those seeking to enhance their physical and emotional well-being. Cat's Eye is a unique and mystical piece, featuring a stunning chatoyant effect that resembles the eye of a cat. This stone is believed to promote intuition and enhance spiritual awareness, making it an ideal accessory for those seeking to connect with their higher selves. Black Silk is a sleek and sophisticated piece, featuring a luxurious black silk band look. Each bracelet is carefully crafted with high-quality materials and designed to enhance your style and well-being.

Handmade By Bead Kollection

Care Instructions

  • Roll on slowly, avoiding excessive stretching.
  • Products are water resenstiant. Items without charms do not need to be taken off. Charms will eventually tarnish overtime (estimate after 4 - 6 weeks if worn on a daily bases).
  • Bracelets do not need to be taken off. For best and long-term results, it's recommended that they're not taken on and off frequently.

Returns and exchanges

Refunds / Exchanges

Refunds are not offered. Exchanges are accepted only if the package has not been opened and is in the same condition as when it was shipped, the exchange can be honor only if the package is unopened and the product(s) have not been touched or unwrapped. Please be sure you review your order carefully before submitting it. Most important is reviewing the quantity ordered for each product and shipping information, especially the shipping address.

Damages and issues 

As this business is managed by a single individual and products are made by hand using quality materials and tested before being promoted and packaged, I can ensure you that your order is accurate. Please check your purchase when it arrives and let it be known right away if anything is broken, damaged, or faulty so it can be looked into and made right.

Exceptions / non-returnable items

Crystal bracelets, crystal necklaces, crystal waistbeads, and crystal anklets are not returnable or exchangeable. Custom products as well (such as special orders or personalized items). Please get in touch if you have questions or concerns about a specific item. If a custom item such as a waistbead or thigh connected waistbead does not fit after given the correct measurements, a return address will be given with a return shipping label which will be purchased by bead kollection and sent to the customer to print out. After the package is received it will be altered and adjusted to the new preferred measurement. Finally the package will be sent back to the customer with the shipping label purchased by the customer.

After contacting, if your return is accepted, a return shipping label will be sent as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back without first requesting a return will not be accepted. Please note that exchanges will need to be sent to the following address, which was given via email.

You can always contact us for any return questions at
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