Frequently Asked Questions & Product Information

All semi-precious beads are pre cut and rounded.

All bracelets, waistbeads & anklets are handmade w/ or
without added accessories.

All beaded necklaces are handmade with added pendants.

Standard size for adults (can be made larger or smaller).

Made with high quality cord or string (.5-1), depending on
MM and weight.

Glued and hidden string knot, (anything smaller than 6MM the
knot may not to be hidden)

Do not need to be taken off when in contact with water.

Natural beads will not bleed or fade.

Again, because it's natural stone, glass, faceted glass or
ceramic, it does not need to be taken off.

It is not recommended to shower with any gold or
silver-plated charms. Anything else will not be affected.

Custom Price List

Starting Prices

Custom Anklet $4

Custom Bracelet $4

Custom Waistbead $8

Custom Bracelet set (3-4) $12

Custom matching sets (2 sets with 4 bracelets each &
unlimited charms) $26

What can be added

• Angel numbers •Birthday's

•Charms • Dates

• Name(s) • Phrases

• Scriptures • Times

• Zodiac signs

Types of charms

Dangle letters & numbers.

Colors white, black, silver & gold.

Round, square & heart shaped letters & numbers.

Not listed?

If what you're looking for isn't listed, provide a reference
photo or provide a detailed description. Leave your contact information below or DM @Beadkollection

For Any Further Questions